Friday, November 7, 2008

Bits and pieces...

It's been a while since I last blogging.. Been busy with Business Plan preparation. My department is turned into a subsidiary company of Heitech Padu and therefore we really have to plan our business plan. I've been preparing this thing for sometime and still there are still few things that should need to be clarified, added, subtracted, etc...
Sedar tak sedar.. Syawal telah tinggalkan kita. I didn't realised how fast the time flies. Alhamdulillah Raya tahun ni lebih bermakna and happening. First: Got Irys with us. So seronok kutipkan duit raya untuk si kecik tu. 2nd: Can eat elot. Last year, Raya was at my first triimester so mabuk2 mengurangkan saya untuk mkn berlebihan. 3rd: Daddy was around to celebrate together. Last year Dy baru start HKL so didn't have time to beraya with me. This year, he has all the time as he was 'unofficially unemployed'. Anyway, that was Syawal. Last Monday Daddy started his MO at Sg Buloh Hospital. He's currently under Ortho dept. And the circle started again. Everyday Daddy balik kul 12am. No rest during weekend. And again, I'm back being husbandless.. Hopefully just for a short period.. I know how tired Daddy is everyday. And I pity Daddy for what he has to go through. But I always encourage Daddy to be patient cuz the time will come when the normal working hrs will come eventually...

Another thing.. Karnival Sukan HTP. You know I'm always into sports and sport is my passion. I'm so excited that I get to play netball again. Yesterday was my first training. Although it was not and will not be the same as the Notts team but then, playing netball is enough for me. Bukan nak menang pun (tho kalo menang apa salahnya) tp at last dapat main semula.. best nyerrr!!!! And like always, I'm in Blue team. Dunno why, dari Primary, to secondary, to collage, I'm always in Blue Team. Guess I'm always gonna be blue..

And finally, my princess, Irys. Since my last posting, there was a lot things that I did together dgn Irys. She had her first swing, first slide, first swimming and first baby chair.. and she's getting clever too... here are some of her photos....

Monday, October 13, 2008

7-month Irys

Today Irys is 7-month old
I didn't realised how fast the time flies

Since the first day of Raya, Irys started having flu. And last Friday she started having fever.
We brought her to see her peads for her routine check-up and Dr Musa gave her so many meds for her fever, flu & cough. He also found that she has asthma (for kids, which I'm not sure the term is) and during weekends we had to go to the hospital twice a day for her nebuliser.

Pity Irys, has to take all sorts of meds..
Yet, although she's still not feeling well, she's still active
Today she's started to turn and turn and turn..
Maybe that's why she's been sick..

Happy 7-month Irys. Mummy & Daddy loves you so much!

Sunday, September 14, 2008

6-months Irys

It's been awhile and there's so much going on...
Irys had made her first airplane trip, first meal..
And she turn to 6-month yesterday

We had our pre-Aidifitri photo shoot @ Shah Alam
The photographer was my senior back in SMSJ
It was the first studio photo shoot for three of us..

Now there's 3 of us...

With her fav toy....

Our Aidilfirti will be more meaningful this year...
Selamat Ramadhan ...

Sunday, July 13, 2008

Happy 4-month, Irys

Irys dah besar..
Masuk bulan ke-4, Irys dah pandai mengiring & menirap..
Harap Irys cepat2 besar...
Mummy & Daddy love you so much!

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Susu oh..susu..

Stok susuku yg berbotol2 dlm fridge akhirnya habis juga.. I went to Jakarta attending CIO Forum organised by our dept. It was 4 days 3 nights. I left dozens of breastmilk for Irys, hoping that it's enough while I was away. And yes it was. Unfortunately, being away from my baby has reduced my milk production. And this week, I had to give in to mr Formula. Irys is bigger now, needs more. And I'm unable to store as much as before.

Sedih rasanya tak terkata. I feel like a failure. Fail to provide enuf for Irys. Irys belum pun 4 bulan (4 months this sun) and susuku dah kurang. But I know, its for her best. Next month Irys dah boleh mkn. Hopefully she'll be starved with the porridge and my milk.. only.

Anyway, first time being away that long (4D 3N) from Irys really made me a miserable mother. Pagi tuh rasa macam tak nak lepas dari Irys. And I'm supposed to leave at noon . At almost noon, I gave Irys to Bibik. Rasa cam sedih sgt. And I cried in my room. After finished packing, I started crying when I wanted to say my Goodbye. And she cried. As if she understand. I cried.. and I cried. That was my first time away from Irys. In Jakarta & Bandung, I think alot about her. Mom kept sending MMS, pic of her sleeping, woke up in the morning, playing, smiling.. At least terubat sikit rindu. And she was so used to BF at night, mak ckp she sucked my mom's arms at night. Alah siannyer anakku..

I might need to go to PD for Team Building. It will be 3D2N. Rasa cam nak bawak Irys & Bibik jer. But the schedule is quite tight. But the idea of leaving Irys behind.. sigh..!

Monday, June 16, 2008

Double celebration dinner

Yesterday, we had a double celebration dinner..14.06 was my sis's 21st birthday. So we decided to combine the celebration dinner, together with Father's Day. We had our dinner at Jakes, Bukit Damansara. It was packed and we still had to wait altho reservation has been made.

birthday girl ordered the most special dish @ Jakes; LOBSTER...

While waiting for the food to arrive, abah read card given by us, and open the presents given by Kak Long.

After we had our main course, her choc chez cake arrived, together with the staff, singin 'Happy Birthday"
not forgetting the 'Daddies' moment
4 daddies in the family...

..and here's the rest of us (not in the pic, pati & aqish, she was sitting beside ain)

All in all, we did have a good time!!

Saturday, June 14, 2008

Happy Father's Day,

Thank you for being such a great Daddy to our baby, Irys
We love much!

..not forgetting...

You've been such a great Abah to all of us..
You are truly great Dad & a great guy!!

to all fathers.. HAPPY FATHER'S DAY!!!!


Age: 3-months
Weight: 4.4kg

Happy 3-months my dear Princess..

Moga Irys cepat2 besar..
Mummy & Daddy love you so much!!

Tuesday, June 10, 2008


Hari ni, 10 Jun 2008, genap setahun arwah To'ki (atuk) meninggalkan kami. Pagi tadi I received a msg from my cousin, Kak Na, mengingatkan kami tentang pemergian arwah setahun yang lalu. I was on my way to work.. suddenly hati tersentak, pilu rasa dihati. Tak sangka, dah setahun arwah meninggalkan kami...

Masih saya ingat, setahun yang lalu, I was in London. Pagi2 buta I received a msg from my sisters in informing me To'ki nazak.. and few hours later, I received few msgs, informing me, To'ki dah 'pergi' meninggalkan kami. Sedih tak terkata, sbb I was the only cucu yang tak menghadiri perkebumian To'ki, apetah lagi ada disaat-saat to'ki nazak. After that, I had few dreams and To'ki was in it. I hug him, as if he was still alive. I still remember his smell, and everthing about him,. It was almost true..Too good to be true, as if I had my second chance..

Once I got back to Malaysia, Pakcik, hubby and me melawat kubur to'ki. Sampai saja ke kubur, tangisan tak dapat nak ditahan lagi. I cried out loud.. and untuk beberapa minit, I was there, sitting next to his grave, crying untuk beberapa ketika.

To'ki was a great grand dad. Semoga rohnya dicucuri rahmat.

p/s: To those who read my entry, please sedekahkan Al-Fatihah untuk arwah.. thanx.

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Happy 55th Birthday Abah!

Last weekend we had a surprised birthday celebration untuk Abah di Janda Baik (JB). It was his 55th birthday. Since chalets di Deruan Damai (our place) tak siap lagi, kami pinjam Aman Rimba (Uncle Sabri's place). Actually birthday Abah was on 31st May tapi he was in Sri Lanka. He came back 1st June morning (Sunday). So, before he went to Sri Lanka dia dah ckp kat mak yang dia nak naik JB lepas tu. And he also mentioned maybe next week we can invite few friends to celebrate his birthday in JB. So instead of next week, we plan to have it this week.

That Sunday morning, myself, Irys, Bibik Marni & Kak long naik satu kereta to JB. Before that we stop by Party shop to collect 100 helium balloons with 2 other cars. Sampai Aman Rimba we started to decorate the place. Tak la decorate apa sgt, cuma gantung2 balloons and help uncle sabri & aunty wati apa2 yg patut. Later our guests i.e. Auntie Armi, Uncle Razak & Wife; Ecik & Family; and Kak Has & Family arrived. The birthday boy was supposed to come at 1230pm.

Later at 1230pm, the birthday boy arrived with Mak. And yes he was surprised. In his speech (ada speech jugak tu!) dia macam dah dapat agak that there is going to be a surprise cuma dia tak tau what kind of surprise. Sebab kenapa bila dia sampai rumah that morning suddenly me, pati and hannan was not around. Suddenly semua org hilang pagi tu. Tapi dia tak sangka that this was the surprise.

At the end of his speech, he said there is a reason why this year is a bit special. "55 tahun, 5 anak, 5 cucu". Alhamdulillah.. semoga abah panjang umur dan dimurahkan rezeki...

I'm glad that everyone enjoyed that day. Special thanx to Uncle Sabri & Auntie wati for allowing us to use their place, thanx to Makcik Ani for cooking delicious dishes and thanx to our guests who came all the way from KL just to attend our party!!!

Abah's surprised look. Welcomed by Uncle Sabri

Our guests

Kak Long reading out the card, written by us

Irys with Ayah Long